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The Secret to Combating Weeds in the Landscape Beds

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

It's no secret that everyone hates pulling weeds. If you happen to know someone who loves pulling weeds, please send them to my house! Like the rest of you, we hate pulling weeds, but fortunately, our team knows the tricks to make the weeding process a lot less painful. There is no such thing as a ‘‘maintenance-free” landscape. Plants grow, weeds grow, everything is growing! Proper techniques in pruning and bed maintenance can reduce this stress and actually make working in the yard enjoyable. Today, let’s discuss weeds in the landscape beds.

There are several products on the market for combating weeds. You might have heard of Preen, a pre-emergent herbicide used for stopping seeds from germinating. Preen is a product the general public can buy over the counter. The residual of this product doesn’t last very long. It is formulated much weaker than the products we use at Heritage Lawn Care Plus. This product can do an effective job at reducing the weed population, but you have to use it properly!

By reading the product's label, you can determine how often and when to use the product. A pro tip: Once the winter snow melts, you should get the first layer of the pre-emergent herbicide down! Chickweed will start popping soon and some cases may have already started, so don’t wait. You may be cold for 15 minutes while applying the product toward the end of winter, but you will eradicate a ton of weed seeds and reduce that weekend grind of hand-pulling. (Or save yourself from the cold by allowing us to apply our premium products to your landscape beds.) Follow the rates listed on the label and you will be glad you started now.

At Heritage Lawn Care Plus, we have the license to purchase and use the brands that are the “Arnold Schwarzeneggers” of pre-emergent herbicides. The products we use are high quality and last a long time. Although our services are more expensive, you will save money (and lots of time!) in the long run because your landscape beds will require fewer applications and maintenance than they would with over-the-counter herbicides like Preen.

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