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It's Dormant Pruning Time!

Now is a fantastic time to do some dormant pruning on those deciduous shrubs that are just getting too large.

While plants are in a dormant phase, it is a great time to thin them out and reduce their size. Creating some space and airflow between branches is important. When performing this process of pruning, remember to leave the younger branches and remove the older, woodier branches. Once you have reduced the overall height, prune a handful of branches lower. Try to vary the height of the cuts throughout the plant. This will encourage growth all throughout the plant and not only on the top. Also, remember to prune back to the nearest bud. If you leave stubs, you are inviting disease and insects that prey on decaying wood.

Please know that once you start dormant pruning or hard pruning plants, you will be subject to do this repeatedly throughout the years. This is why I always try to plant the correct plant in the correct space and allow it to do its thing. Forcing plants to grow in spaces that are too small for the plant is only limiting the true value and beauty of the plant. Choosing the wrong plant for the space leads to dormant pruning.

Remember not every plant has to be carved into a ball or box or some other geometric shape. NATURAL is a shape as well. If you have the need but not the tools or desire for this type of pruning, get in touch with us at and we would be glad to take care of this for you.

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