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Tree & Shrub Applications

Heritage Lawn Care Plus offers top-notch fertilization treatments in the greater Cincinnati area.  Nutrition is the key to a successful landscape. Healthy plants require proper nourishment!

Deep Root Fertilizers (Trees and Shrubs)

Deep root tree fertilization is the process of fertilizing trees and shrubs via a liquid fertilizer soil injection. This is the fastest way to get nutrients to the plant and has the added benefit of aerating the soil. It’s a win, win, win! Applications occur in spring and fall.

Granular Fertilizers (Shrubs, Perennials, Grasses, and Floral Areas)

Granular forms of fertilizer may be spread by hand or mechanical spreader over the surface of soil round trees & shrubs. This method is quick, easy and inexpensive, and is effective in supplying nutrients to plant roots as other techniques. Applications occur in spring and fall.

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