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Pest & Insect Control Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Insect populations can vary from year to year. Let us get them before they get you! 


Dormant Oil and Horticultural Oil Applications

Dormant oil consists of refined petroleum oil that, when applied to trees and shrubs, will smother overwintering insects such as aphids, scales, and mites and their eggs. This is applied in the winter months. At Heritage Lawn Care Plus, we strongly believe that if you choose to do only one integrated pest management service, this is the one that is most effective and beneficial for your shrubs and trees! 

Insecticide Applications

When Mother Nature leans in favor of boring insects or chewing/sucking bugs, insecticides are warranted to combat these infestations. Insecticides can be applied to your yard in the spring, summer, and fall months. 

Grub and Insect Application

Grubs burrow down in the earth as far as 12 inches. When they emerge in the late spring, they feed on organic matter and the root systems of plants and grass (their favorite food). A granular application during the spring or summer months can prevent the grubs from hatching or eradicate them post-emergence.


Mole Control

Our process is to convince the mole that the bait we use is an earthworm. This bait is inserted into the trails created by the mole(s).  In some cases, the mole will take the bait back to the nest and eradicate the entire population.

Flea & Tick Control

We all love our pets and we all hate fleas and ticks! This application will reduce, and in most cases, eliminate, fleas and ticks completely. One application can make the world of a difference, but we recommend getting applications completed every five to six weeks for optimal protection for your family. 

Perimeter Pest Control

While we are there treating your lawn, we can apply a liquid barrier around the perimeter of your home and stop insects from entering. An outside application stops the inside application - we get them before they get you! 

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