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Landscaping Services

Spruce up your yard with landscaping services from Heritage Lawn Care Plus, LLC. We offer a range of services from design to maintenance to installation. Already have a project in mind? Send us an email below! 


Landscape Design & Planning

Heritage Lawn Care Plus offers landscape design and planning in the greater Cincinnati area. There is a $500 design fee upfront that is credited back to the client if the project is sold. Let us help you create your dream yard!

Landscape Installation

In addition to landscape design and planning, Heritage Lawn Care Plus excels in landscape installation.  Our success is due to our extensive soil preparation that is key to the longevity of plants.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail; putting the right plants in the right place allowing them to flourish.

Landscape Maintenance

Seasonal pruning and mulching, and leaf removal, oh my! We offer a variety of landscape maintenance services including spring and fall clean up, pruning, mulching, leaf removal, and perennial and seasonal bed maintenance. Landscape maintenance services are available on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.  We will tailor the program to the client’s involvement and needs!

Landscape Bed Applications

We offer pre-emergent herbicide and post-emergent herbicide applications on landscape beds. Pre-emergent herbicide is a granular product that stops most weed seeds from germinating. Application four times a year yields the best results. Post-emergent herbicide is a liquid application that kills germinated weeds and/or thriving weeds. This service will be performed every other week at minimum throughout the growing seasons (April-September). Weeds located inside plants cannot be sprayed; taking care of these weeds falls under landscape maintenance.

Drainage & Grading

Heritage Lawn Care Plus offers drainage and grading services in the Cincinnati area. We'll drain your yard without draining your wallet! Call Tim, he’s an expert!

Floral Installation

Freshen up your garden with a custom floral installation from Heritage Lawn Care Plus, LLC. Floral installations are available in the spring, summer, and fall months. 

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